In the area of abroad studies and migration, Elmira International Education provides the following services.



Career counseling is one of the important features of Elmira International Education. Beginning from three to ten and half years of familiarity in their respective fields, our counselors listen to your words and make you peep through what you intend to be tomorrow. Feel free to visit us and discover the difference. Our experts are always there to help you. Come as you are, we make you stay smart on the walks of life.

I-20/Offer Letter Confirmation:


Acquiring the know-how and going through the counseling, students are all set to opt for the courses and the institutions. Elmira International will go through all the application procedures till the applicant gets acceptance in the program and receives I-20/Offer Letter from respective university/college. Expert guidance in all delicate steps will fore run the vital decision of a life time-studying abroad.

Visa Preparation:


Obtaining visa from the embassies is not always an easy task.In this connection, we are running visa preparation classes as well with a view to enabling the students to understand the expectations and the criteria they are supposed to meet with respect to visa grant . Visa preparation classes at Elmira will,no doubt, strengthen your confidence and preparation in this regard.



In collaboration with the respective universities/colleges, our team will arrange appropriate living space suiting all kinds of budgets. Elmira us to discover how we are to help you. 

Job Placement:


We make sure of picking up the best study option among the offered courses which ensures the job placement and other related facilities. We have got some of such programs which we are proud to discuss with you. visit us for further information.



Our expert assistance and guidance will make the whole documentation process an easy one. Sponsor letters, financial documents, and other relevant documents will be accurate and authentic with our proper guidance.