Message from CEO’s


CEO’s Message

Dear students and parents,

Welcome to Elmira International Education Pvt. Ltd. I am delighted that you are considering Elmira, Nepal’s first and only Limited Company engaged exclusively in Overseas Education. To help you achieve your goals, I have visualized that you need a proper gateway for the road to your overseas education, career, professional life and personal development. In the present environment, quality is paramount and at Elmira our standards, facilities and the infrastructure have been designed to meet your needs that are of International Standards.

I, on behalf of Elmira take pride in offering you the best of services and career guidance as you look ahead in life for professional studies at an overseas destination. I and my team will assist you in every possible aspect and ensure that from the time you visit our office till you land in a country choice for your Higher Education, you are provided with all the assistance that you require, enabling smooth and hassle-free process for you.

Suman Karki

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)