About Us

Elmira International Education Pvt.Ltd is an abroad study and Migration consultant established in 2008 with an aim to provide an outstanding educational support to aspiring students. Elmira is a private establishment registered with the Office of the Company Registrar, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry,  Commerce and Supply of Government of Nepal. We are a team of Young professionals who believe in quality work with right time .

Elmira International is one of the leading higher educational & migration consultant in Nepal with its excursive services and unique identity. As leading study aboard and migration consultant we provide total solution to students / migrants ( high skilled manpower ) by matching their profile and are committed to provide quality, professional consulting and complete support to interested students / high skilled manpower.

Our commitment includes life changing consultation in the field of aboard education from Nepal to the interested students to get into better schools, better jobs with better life in best schools/ colleges and Universities worldwide. We assist with higher education in the countries such as Australia, USA, Canada, UK etc. Our team of high professionals have good command over the education systems world wide. At Elmira International Education students interests are highly valued & appreciated and main focus is to provide knowledgeable, professional and career oriented solutions to the students desiring to change life with international education.

Our counselors are highly experienced and use efficient and effective tactics to determine who you are, what you stand, where you want to go, which subjects is best for you, which countries is correct for you & how can you get there by matching the strengths, weaknesses, ability level and caliber of the students and help them to select correct courses in correct Universities in best countries.

Our Migration Department has successful and result oriented plans since they are updated with all the immigration rules worldwide. Our Immigration Lawyers in Canada,  Australia update our Migration Department with all the tactics to assist the high skilled manpower who want to migrate to any countries possible. Our Immigration lawyers have helped the candidates to get the result even in the case of applicants' no hope state to get successful.

Elmira International dispels all the myths usually associated with 'Study Abroad' & "Migration Aboard " and have brought the concept of overseas education & high skill manpower migration to the doorstep of every students & High Skill Manpower by making it affordable & devoid of unwieldy procedures.